Expected Partners


AutoElectronic team is working hard on acquiring Technology Transfer from all over the world and specifically from Europe, UK, USA, Japan, China, thus academically turning into a Sociotechnical hub pacing forward to generate first SToP Sociotechnical Point of Presence in Middle East linking tangible radical ideas turned into modern AutoElectronic digital fashion pattern in nowadays life.

Æ which stands for New AutoElectronic Technology & Products will harmonize the usage for all Personal & Home based Social Media applications using its wide range of smooth bandwidth utilization within nonstop live streaming hub point on our click.
In due terms, Æ is looking to source and secure the best & ultimate Technology Academy Partner that can support the improvising agenda and apply the plan practically into the ground to achieve the humanity dream of a peaceful & Eco-friendly technology, boosting the complete planet circumstances into better valuable era through technology green manipulation.



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